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Its actually not tho, you'll be banned, i used to bot woodcutting a few years ago with no problem , i tried recently (not on my main) with 5 different accounts, they all got banned. Does Chaos Dwarves are still a good way to make money? I don't receve as much Hand Cannon (300k now) as before ( only 2 in about 4-5 hours ). Due to the painfully slow rate of gathering, Rocktails and Cavefish only yield about 300k per hour, which is about half the money per hour from Elder Logs. the muspahs you can afk with t80 weapons without vamp if you have better armour than what he was using which is anything better than t70. Cheap rs gold and rs Account for sale at 2007RunescapeGold.com! Buy runescape gold Web browser, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Java, Macintosh operating systems at best OSRS Gold store with fast delivery! The most i've ever had at once was 35m rip bank currently at 2m after buying full armor sets, getting 99 magic and 75+ prayer and herblore (for prif) 120 isn't cheap i live bond to bond so i don't get how people say shits cheap like really? how do people sit there and farm four HOURS to make 4-5m an hour.... and i don't have monsters good enough to make that kind of runescape gold anyways yet because i'm lazy so i guess its my own fault for not giving a shit? 127m for 10k frost dragon bones and that wouldn't even get me to 92 prayer soooo.... yeah 180 exp times 35k = 6.3m which is what i need for 92 pray which comes out to 450m so cheap much wow
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